Why do men want sex in morning?

Ever wondered why a man wants to have sex right when he wakes up in the morning while you just want to go back to sleep? Also, why was he not so responsive to you when you were really in the mood for love last night?

Well, the answer is simple it’s the hormones of men and women which don’t always tick in time for both of them.

A man’s testosterone levels are at peak at morning. In fact even before he wakes up it is already 25-50 percent more than any other time of the day because of the pituitary gland that has produced a lot of male sex hormone while sleeping at night. The reality is men need only a small amount of testosterone to feel like having sex and when the level is so high they definitely can’t stop. In fact, most men even wake up with erections.

On the other hand, women to produce the hormone but in a less amount and that too is kept in balance by the estrogen and progesterone.  Actually, the rise and fall of women’s hormone are more dependent on their monthly cycle rather than daily activities. A woman’s levels of testosterone will be 30 times higher during the mid of her cycle than at the start.

The longer a man sleeps the more is his sex drive. Getting more than five hours’ sleep can raise male testosterone levels by an extra 15 percent.


However, the testosterone level goes gradually down as men move out to work and deal with the day. It gets down in every 90 minutes and goes drastically down if the man is dealing with some stress. But that level is still high than women and so in evening men still want to have sex. And the woman plays a role right here. While making love if a women testosterone levels are high then her orgasms are more intense and will result in better sex. In fact, the orgasms can be felt all over the body. While when the level is low the climaxes are less intense and just centered around the sexual organs.