The best time to have sex is 7:30 in the morning shows the research

Apparently, there is a perfect time of day to practice sex , so take paper and pen.

According to a recent survey, the best time to practice sex is 7:30 in the morning or about 45 minutes after waking up.

The survey, conducted by the company Forza Supplements , asked 1000 participants what is the best time of day to practice sex, as well as the best time for other activities such as sports, eating, drinking and sleeping.

According to this study, “energy levels are at their peak after a night of rest,” which means that both members have more resistance. In addition, “the increase in endorphins that triggers sex reduces blood pressure and stress, making us feel more dynamic during the rest of the day.”

The survey also points out that due to the high level of testosterone that man has in the morning, he can maintain relationships for longer.


“What we set out to do was discover the optimal time of day to work, rest and play,” explains Lee Smith, CEO of Forza Supplements.

“Although there are no two people alike, these hours were considered the best times for an average person to carry out their basic activities with a view to a healthier and happier life.” Making small adjustments to your routine can really help you lose weight, put yourself in way, be more efficient at work and even improve your performance in bed. ”

Morning sex is more powerful and makes your rest of the day wonderful.

Morning sex is more powerful and makes your rest of the day wonderful.

On the other hand, the more sex, the better for health.

According to research, practicing sex often improves the cognitive function of the brain and, according to another study published in June, participants who said they practiced sex every week scored better on various visual and verbal tests than those who did not have sex with so much frequency.

Sex is a natural antistress that strengthens your immune system, is an analgesic, is good for the heart and extends your hope and quality of life.

But the benefits do not end there, since practicing sex frequently also helps strengthen relationships.

“Sex is associated with a feeling of greater satisfaction in a relationship, hence people who have sex regularly have higher levels of happiness,” said in a 2015 study Amy Muise, an assistant professor of Psychology at the University of York (Toronto, Canada).

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